Why, who & how now? Sharing your stories for a cause

Are you planning a story for a purpose? To win over hearts, minds and dollars, but wondering how to make your storytelling zing?

Here are three fundamental tips to help you create and share that story for a cause. You can watch it all summed up in this video, or read everything spelled out below...


1. Identify the audience for your story


Your story isn’t for everyone. Get to know who will be listening, and align your story for them.

Are they ideal clients, investors, or precisely which folks you are poised to inspire and catalyse to join you towards your mission?

Consider their motivation, where they're up to in their journey, what their interests and values may be, and how these intersect with your vision and background. If you don’t know, this is a great opportunity to find out! (+ I will soon be sharing some tips for good ole market research...)

With rich understanding of your ideal audience, you can craft and share a story to truly connect and deliver value. If you can’t see anyone right with you in a real or audio-visual room, imagine speaking directly to one of your ideal listeners. This will help you compelling convey your story via that little camera, through the screen and across the internet.


2. Energise your storytelling

You want to be dynamic, creative and compelling in the storytelling. If this comes naturally for you, hooray! However, for many of us who tend to get all bunny-in-headlights or race a gazillion k/ph when in the spotlight, I suggest trying these techniques for consciously amping up your storytelling:

  • Before you press record, gift yourself time to power up with some fave music, sing to stretch your voice and face, and even cut a lil loose with some dance to boost your physicality. Have some fun in the process, so that you once-upon-a-time with great vibes.  Even if you will be sharing a serious or challenging story, it is beneficial to tap into your positive, embodied and transformational energy in the telling.
  • ‘Parachute into your story’ by creatively setting the scene and getting into the action, without formulaic introductions or inessential details. Storytelling isn't a dry fact sharing expedition or a marketing exercise - while stories can do these things beautifully, their power is in connecting to our imagination, values and feelings. With great storytelling you stick in our memories, co-create new understanding and wisdom, and compel us join you towards your vision.

  • Pause. Not every moment of your story needs to be full of words. Yes, your story should fit crisply and fascinatingly into the tiniest for most online purposes, but don't be afraid to slow down to feel into a moment, and to let your story sink in.


3. Be human

Your own authenticity is uniquely yours. It is a key ingredient for inspiring people to choose you (as opposed to every other important and awesome thing out there on the internet).

Storytelling is a powerful tool for differentiating your business, being courageously real, and to be sustainable in delivering the awesomeness that you are about.


So take some time to reflect on your youness and the stories you have. Be curious and compassionate about any reservations or resistance that arises around your stories, and please do seek support if you feel discomfort or suffering. Identify key chapters learnings from your journey that are purposeful to share, and which are of most value for your ideal audience for this particular story. (+ I will soon be sharing more tips to help with this reflective process...)

Don't be afraid to be yourself, to reveal flaws, or show up imperfectly. While your vision and the ideal you strive towards are incredibly important to share, we connect more deeply with your reality and the energy you share. The right audience will be inspired and empowered to understand where you are at, what you are navigating, and the wisdom that you are learned along the way.

So here’s to you embracing your humanness, energising your storytelling, and knowing who its for!

I’m lining up so many more practical tips to share with you soon... Love to hear how these tips help your storytelling for a cause? Please do share your questions and updates about your storytelling, and join me for a FREE webinar to help you share your story to connect and catalyse!

Can't wait to see you creating, connecting and thriving with the power of your story.


Kathryn Gray