Braving up with your story in business

Do you sometimes feel a bit too ordinary to share your story?

Maybe all over the shop... Wondering, “What stories do I have that can possibly be interesting? Somebody else is much more expert and engaging and I'm just going to sidestep that spotlight and look over there it’s the Good Year Blimp! <or insert your fave handy distraction here>”

I have. Sidestepped my story far too often in my life, and relished asking questions instead. Done all the evasive manoeuvres, languished with 'vulnerability hangovers' as Dr Brené Brown describes, and eventually taken my own advice to step up with my own story. Such hardwon personal experience is valuable when I help support others to brave up with storytelling. 

I speak to so many people who share doubts about their stories and selves. Incredible people who craft a beautiful or a powerful facade rather than showing up with rawness, courage and glorious imperfection.

So here are three simple reflective tips to help you to reflect and start making the most of your story in business. You can watch this quick video or read them written up below...

1. Ask yourself WHY?

Why is it you do what you do? What drives you to create this business and the impact that you're making?

If you don't know your *why*, spend some time to explore your motivations, values and vision. Write it down, talk to people near and far about it, and whittle it all down into some sexy sentences you might like to show off in an elevator somewhere.

If you do know already, spell it all out and speak it loud again, and maybe polish how you express this *why*.  Savour the juiciness, clarity and magnetism of aligning with your purpose!

This is the road to Guwatjurumurru, on Yolngu Country in North East Arnhem Land. Extraordinary place and people, and we are so grateful to have shared wonderful years, adventures and growth here!

This is the road to Guwatjurumurru, on Yolngu Country in North East Arnhem Land. Extraordinary place and people, and we are so grateful to have shared wonderful years, adventures and growth here!

2. Reflect on your path

Once you are clear about your *why* and powered up with your purpose, trace these drivers back in your life.  

Can you recognise alignment or misalignment between your purpose and various chapters in your life? How can you see this purpose play out in your relationships, your adventures, your tragedies and triumphs? There may well be hilarious moments of slapstick and absurdity to laugh again with. Times of hardship, loss and learning. Your purpose is likely echoed within pivotal moments of your life, and often be traced all the way back to your early memories, because it is part of your essence.

Looking back, you will be able to glean stories from throughout your life that align with or give perspective on this purpose that you have. You’ll have a wealth of stories that you may wish to share.

You may not wish to share everything. Some stories may confront you or cause suffering, and you may need support to face them and to heal. Others may be sensitive or triggered by these stories, and it may be timely to address such concerns with the people involved or within your trusted support networks. Please be compassionate with yourself and seek support where you need.

This can be a powerful opportunity to release unhelpful stories and to step up with those that expand you.

Ultimately stories are just stories - as poignant or painful as they may be. What are we going to do with them?

3. Gift your story

Consider the stories you choose to share, the purpose they have in the telling, and their alignment with your business vision.

Imagine these stories as a gift. Lovingly crafted and shared with someone special.

Rather than feeling awkies, like an imposter or otherwise undermining the gifting of your tale, understand the unique value that you bring to the ideal person who is ready to hear it. This gift comes only from you. At this moment.

Set this as your intention, to enrich the planning, purpose and delivery of your story.

Through the lens of your story, you bring real value, relevance and new understanding. This is incredibly captivating and meaningful to your ideal audience.

I hope these three tips foundational tips are useful for you!

What insights do you have about your  *why*, tracing your purpose back into your past, and your storytelling as a gift? And let me know what resources and tips you'd like created for you, to help  amp up your storytelling in business...

If you would like 1:1 support to reflect, craft and share your story, I'd love to help you! Check out these STORYTELLING FOR SUCCESS packages, or line up a time for a free initial chat.

Kathryn Gray