Freedom in Structure - interview with Claire Barton

For those of us driven to be perfect, blessed with brilliant procrastination ploys or a creative aversion to structure, here are some powerful insights from Claire Barton!

Claire is a coach, a productivity guru and a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist, who is ingenious about helping you to move forward and take #imperfectaction.

In this interview, Claire talks about her WHY, and how she helps you develop structure to amp up creativity and play in business. She also explains why #contentiseverything, and how it's so important to align your content strategy with your goals, purpose and to connect with your clients. Claire explains beautifully why these foundations are so important!

Check out Claire's brilliant work and her free group for Recovering Perfectionists

Thanks Claire, so much fun speaking with you! 

Claire Barton interview still together.jpg
Kathryn Gray