Inspiring change - your storytelling for impact

You are striving to inspire and create change, but do you feel all too waffly or wary about storytelling within your business?

Here’s a simple framework to help you strategise your storytelling for impact.

Storytelling Impact Venn diagram

Of course, there are key reflective, creative and connective steps involved in crafting a great story in business, which I can help you unpack with the upcoming free Storytelling Challenge.

However with this nifty venn diagram you have a useful tool for navigating the immense personal, aspirational and catalysing potential of great storytelling. These three steps are numbered below, but you can tackle them in any order that works for you!


1. What is your vision for change?

Illuminate the situation now and the significant change you are making. 

Paint us mesmerising picture, immerse us in your words, enthrall us via video (ideally, weave several of these creative narrative ingredients together)! Show up in all your authentic glory.  Captivate our senses and help us begin to experience the future you envision.

Before you start, ensure you are clear about tangible outcomes, the bigger picture impact and your vision for success, even if you do not address these directly in the story you share....

2. Why is this important? Convince and connect with us

So your vision for change is impressive, inspirational and sparking our imagination. Ensure we understand why this change is important!

What evidence and authority is useful to convey? How are you enacting your theory of change, to make this impact reality? What is at stake?

Ensure you are clear about your WHY and your values, as these underpin and magnetise your story to your ideal audience.

3. The storytelling magic! Sharing the journey…

You have connected with our values in common, and impressed us with your integrity, authority and track record. We are alignment, affirming with your vision, your ideal audience - AKA the hero of the story here...

This is the creative and wonderfully human part, where you share your story or those of people you work with.

Grab our attention, capture our emotional investment, and impart value with the story. You may be sharing hard-earned wisdom, hilarious insights about difficult subjects, or an empowering message of transformation and hope.

There are plenty of models and tips I can share for this, and great stories I'm starting to share here with Enabling Enterprise, but don’t chase a universal formula or try to follow in others' footsteps - stand out!

Be clear on your call to action. What are the next steps for your ideal audience to take, fueled by your impactful story?

This is a new framework being honed as I support clients and change makers with storytelling. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this tool, and about your owns stories and challenges you may be facing? 

And I'd love to welcome you to join us for a FREE Storytelling Webinar to help you Connect & Catalyse in Business, 18 July 2018!


Kathryn Gray