Interview with Tom Dawkins - fundraising, stories & creating the future

"Storytelling is the human technology for making people care"

It was inspiring to recently interview Tom Dawkins, Co-Founder of StartSomeGood, the crowdfunding platform for social change initiatives.

Tom discussed the evolution of StartSomeGood partnerships to help match capital with social innovation. These programs bolster the platform's strong track record and ongoing support for fundraisers to build skills necessary for successful campaigns.

The core skill is storytelling. Essential to entrepreneurship, Tom asserts, is making "people suspend their disbelief and to come with you on the journey." To overcome their reservations about inherent risks of your innovation, and to engage and inspire them to invest in your vision.

We also discussed stories we tell ourselves that don't help with fundraising. Tom encourages that rather than focusing on what we don't have - the funds we seek - instead we share our story, vision and plan for creating the future we want to see. He explained how creativity and social impact are interrelated, as when faced by social challenges we need creative approaches to change the status quo.

I appreciate how Tom describes the "existential dimensions of entrepreneurship"! He shared his take on why commitment to self-care is so important for resilience, innovation and success in business.

If you seek to make some good great, check out the StartSomeGood platform for cause-driven crowdfunding, innovative partnerships, and social entrepreneur education

For the passionate, creative and the curious, the #StartingGood Virtual Summit is coming up from 19-31 March. Tom and StartSomeGood are hosting this free program, featuring personal stories from social entrepreneurs plus their practical tips and tools. The lineup is stellar so find out more and sign up to participate here.

Here are some amazing projects highlighted by Tom in the interview:

  • Radical Self Care Project - created by Kate Alexander. I can also vouch for this one, having this year embarked on the Radical Self Journal!
  • AbilityMate - 3D printed posture and mobility equipment for children with disabilities
  • Good Beer to support good causes.

Thanks Tom for sharing your insights and aspirations for our future, and to your team for all the goodness started!

Kathryn Gray