Beyond the Matrix: 8 things I've learned & celebrated this year

This affirming moment & postcard thanks to Tünde van Hoek and  Made To Persuade , whose presentation coaching & long-distance comms were super helpful as I prepared for the pilot Storytelling Challenge - thanks again!

This affirming moment & postcard thanks to Tünde van Hoek and Made To Persuade, whose presentation coaching & long-distance comms were super helpful as I prepared for the pilot Storytelling Challenge - thanks again!

Here we are in April already, diving into the next quarter of the year!

It's a great time to pause, reflect and renew.

Seperate your eyeballs from the screen and the never-ending cascade of things to do. Step outside, exhale and reconnect with the horizon. Reach out to chat beyond your networks, and connect with newness in your your field. Pause and look inward, and reflect upon what you are creating and learning.

It's been a mega year here at Enabling Enterprise HQ and I'd love to share some highlights, lowlights and lessons learned. Some of them all over again and yep, the hard way...

As part of reflecting and renewing my business strategy, I review all the achievements, numbers, ideas and challenges that have made up the last 3 months, and break it all down into a simple matrix:

Matrix RR EE.png

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Here I'm focusing on 8 insights gained from this matrix as I reviewed this quarter. There's loads more I've scribbled down and mapped out with my Reflect & Renew process, but these 8 things sum up my 2018 so far...

ENHANCE - what is working & can be optimised?

1. Services

Soooooo enjoying the Storytelling and Strategy on offer here folks!

A few weeks ago I piloted the free Storytelling Challenge with 87 inspiring people. Over 5 days I was honoured to support a wealth of purpose, creativity and stories in development shared within the supportive Facebook group. Thanks to everyone who participated and supported the program, and please feel so welcome to join the new and improved round starting 30 April!

While still building up my strategic and storytelling client base, I absolutely love the strategy, storytelling and the impact we are building. These services are creative, value-packed and I’m getting great feedback.

There's so much room to grow - gotta admit it's more than daunting sometimes but that's part of the entrepreneurial mindset game! (Will share more about the mindset doozy later...) So I commit to continue lean and iterative development to hone niching and messaging, to invest in building knowledge and skills, and ultimately to enhance our work together.

2. Systems

This year batching began! That is, doing similar tasks together to streamline creativity and workflow, like creating and scheduling social media and videos.

There’s been fun and games unleveling with new programs and automations. With some #techfails to wince and forgive along the way - live and learn hey!

Making things easier and more organised continues, so I can focus on creating value and enjoying the bits of my business that I love.

ACCEPT - what is important to recognise & stop struggling with? 

3. Now

There are limitations about what I can and can’t do, right here right now, and that is ok*

Because I’m flying this biz solo, and I’m human and #becauselife 

And wow there are so many wise and inspiring people who share this journey, who can support us in the here and now. I will also be sharing insights about this in upcoming posts, along with grateful shoutouts, but in the meantime...

* Breathe! Trust the journey, welcome support, & have patience with the strategy in action.


Make waves

As I get *ahem* wiser, it’s becoming clearer that chasing 'work-life balance' can be a trap. It appears to be an illusion of perfection that we are sold. Particularly while parenting little people, and establishing a business, and especially for women.

I am incredibly grateful to make choices about starting out as an entrepreneur, investing in my personal and business growth, and prioritising my family and self-care much of the week.

Embracing flow means rolling with the dynamism and change involved in life and business. Making decisions with discernment. Creating and amending plans. Accepting what is, and proceeding with curiosity and integrity. And not holding back the laughter, tears or calls for help when things get difficult.

I'm still practising all of this :)

RELEASE - what is no longer of service, & how to cease or let it go?

5. DIY delusions of grandeur

I love figuring all my tech out, and single-handedly designing and creating at every step of the way. Check the instructions or seek expert advice later only if absolutely necessary, no?

Yes that satisfies the DIY geek in me, but it is inefficient and it's time to admit that not everything is my zone of genius.

So *drumroll* I’m starting to outsource and employing experts to help me fly! Starting with a copywriter soon to transform the wording of my website. And now I'm thrilled to start investing in a Virtual Assistant to help with getting things done. Will keep you posted!

6. Yes first, figure it out later

I’m letting go of FOMO and unhelpful patterns of agreeability.

Starting a business can easily engulf 42 hours a day, 3 billion days a year. Unless we say 'no', firmly, respectfully, and by our own terms.

Instead of taking on every opportunity, invitation and request, I am renewing boundaries and policies. This is essential for self-care and sustainability, for family and this precious life we skip through, and to best serve clients and to make the impact I envision.

CREATE - What new growth, opportunities and creations is there now space for?

7. New new things!

An exciting new webinar and program is in the pipelines....

8. Simplicity and innovation

With fresh clarity and with support, I'm refining my business model so that it hums with value creation.

More on these gems later :)

What are you reflecting upon and renewing, releasing and innovating with your business?

If you’d like support with renewal and mapping out your strategy, check out current special offers for April. Happy to chat with you about your ideas and queries here too!