Why enabling enterprise?

Create, connect and grow

Essentially that’s my why. These three thrilling verbs underpin my mission for Enabling Enterprise:

To enable creativity, connection and growth for our shared future, I support cultural and social entrepreneurs to build income and impact.

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Purpose-driven and strategy geek that I am, now is always an excellent time to revisit why we do what we do. Last week I shared an introduction to why your why is so good for you, and I will soon be delving into lots more fundamentals to help you strategise and align your planning and tracking around your purpose.

So I've also been reflecting again on my purpose, and realigning Enabling Enterprise strategy and services.*

And why this why?

For income and impact

Profit for purpose is not impossible or without integrity! With money we can create and contribute more, stress less, and together enrich our social and cultural ecosystems.

How do you measure impact? (Thx to my little collaborator here!)

How do you measure impact? (Thx to my little collaborator here!)

Impact can be trickier to gauge and to understand. Extending beyond outcomes, it can be simply understood as the tangible and intangible effects of what we do. We need to plan around impact, to consider what we strive for and devote resources to, and what we measure and meaningfully convey. I will be writing more about impact and income in future posts, across non-profit and purposeful business models.

I emphasise income as well as impact, as I know way too many good people who undervalue what they do. Who work and contribute a gazillion% but, without enough money, they play small, cut corners or burnout. This is particularly true of women, who generally create less income and face more financial insecurity than male counterparts. I believe we need to enhance our strategies and mindsets, individually and collectively, to build our income and legacy for good.

Creating social innovation

Cultural and social entrepreneurs co-create positive change and enrich our communities, in new and ingenious ways. Hurrah for tackling wicked problems that have long defied government programs and market-based solutions! Thanks for co-creating stories across cultures, generations and disciplines, and so renewing (and often beautifully bedazzling) our social fabric!

I am so excited to support creative change-making across the spectrum of social enterprise and creative industries, particularly those innovators and boundary-riders who are boldly going into no-man's land! We need such creative approaches to building our shared future, and for supporting each other in the present.

Creating our reality and future -  Trinity  vs the Matrix

Creating our reality and future - Trinity vs the Matrix

We're all in this together

Entrepreneurial business growth demands huge personal growth, and it can bring up all sorts of challenges and resistance. It's important to not forget our own motivations and needs in the journey so that we thrive along with the business. While the ideal 'balance' may be elusive, I encourage strategies for resilience, self-care and caring for others, for enjoyment and reflection, mindfulness and poise for change.

I also emphasise that we are not alone. Even as pioneers with new ideas, offerings and markets, or when the field may appear to be dominated by people of another cultural identity or gender, the internet has graced us with quick connectivity teeming with supporters and advice. 

Personally speaking - as a female entrepreneur endlessly learning/unlearning with my dynamo two-year-old daughter and partner here in regional Australia - I am a huge believer in communities. In combining forces, we share invaluable support, accountability, vulnerability and power.

I aim to develop networks that enable cultural and social entrepreneurs across diversity and distance, and encourage collaboration, peer-based learning and inspiration.

What is the impact of all this?

With Enabling Enterprise my vision is to empower impactful entrepreneurs across business, culture and communities, and so to inspire and co-create social innovation.

Starting out in 2017, I’m only beginning to trace impact in real terms. So I collect data and survey people I work with, for analysis and storytelling across rich media. I also expect my business to shift to best serve cultural and social entrepreneurs towards this vision, and that it will take time to convey meaningful impact. In the spirit of lean business and action learning, I will share outcomes and insights along the way!

I’d love to hear about your why and how this fuels your business... Please share your vision and challenges, and feel free to get in touch if you would like to strategise together!


* This post was originally a huge manifesto of Why and #AllTheThings! Instead I've now attempted to distill the essence of Why, with respect to your time and any questions you’d like to add, and will share more insights and information in future posts :)


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