Why your why is good for you

Mapping out why you do what you is invaluable, when starting out and renewing your business.

Truly understanding your purpose will power up your vision, support your strategic alignment, and help you build authentic connections with your people.

Creative and social entrepreneurs are not short of passion, purpose and noble values. However you may not be clear on the impact you want to create, or in-tune with your personal motivations, or bold about your talents and expertise. Which can mean you are busy being busy and risking burnout, rather than tracking towards a meaningful and sustainable vision. 

Here's some fundamentals for wielding your why:

  • Your ideal destination. Ask yourself where you want this business to be in 2020*? There are lots of questions that can help you meaningfully unpack this... What does this mean for your ideal customers and audiences, for the amazing things you create and offer, for the communities you work with, and for your financial and market position? What does that mean for you - are you recognised as a leader, are you creating new opportunities, and do you have enough time for you and those you love?

  • Define success. Take some time to brainstorm various indicators of success across your business, and to imagine what they look and feel like. How will this success be measured? Why is such success significant and what is at stake if you don't succeed?

  • Your story. Why is your why important to you? What is your earliest memory of being interested in this? How have you pursued this purpose throughout your life, or why have you decided to now? What challenges have you overcome and what leaps have you made to get here? What are your values and what do you love? What are you really good at and what makes you happy? What changes and transformation are you realising? Own your strengths and your story!

  • Alignment and amplification. Ensure your vision and strategy are in line with your purpose. You will hone goals and the way you track activities, for positive outcomes and wider impact. Share your why and your story across your marketing. This will help your ideal customers and audiences get to know, like, trust and to connect with you. You will have better hooks for your pitches and proposals, and for the content you create.

In short, great purpose-driven strategy and marketing will help you build income and impact for your enterprise. 

Are you seeking to clarify your why and align your strategy? I can help with a get clear for success on your terms or we can start with a simple free conversation.

Over next blog posts I'll be exploring this process in more detail, and sharing with you more tips and insights to help you with:

  • Defining *who* your ideal customers and audiences are, and why this can be difficult for creative changemakers but is oh so important.

  • Sharing your story, showing up and growing your visibility - particularly for those folks like me who tend to be shy and prefer to be out of the spotlight!

  • Planning and reviewing - so you can action and enhance your strategy, without perfection paralysis.

And I'm also letting you know my why for Enabling Enterprise, for you creative and social innovators...

I'd love to hear about your why, and any questions you have for upcoming conversations here!


* Yes 2020 is a sexy number and it's great to map out your strategic vision for 3 years if you can. There's also merit in envisioning your key achievements looking back from 50 years into the future! Or you may need to be strategising 5 years or focusing on your 12 months. Ideally you should find your *why* runs strong and in good alignment across all these timeframes!


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