So honoured and grateful to have worked with these inspiring stars! Thank you for sharing your testimonials and feedback, and please do keep me posted with your achievements and stories...

Kiriaki Koubaroulis

Kathryn brings authenticity, warmth and a groundedness to each and every coaching session. These traits, balanced with her professionalism and diverse experience in the cultural and creative sector, set up just the right conditions for personal and professional growth. To date, I’ve enjoyed working with Kathryn on everything from mindfulness in work practices to new venture strategy mapping and goal setting.


The Strategy Mapping sessions with Kathy helped me to shape the many aspects of my practice into a recognisable form. The sessions helped me recognise the benefits of alignment and consolidation, and that planning is an ongoing process at a number of scales, which needn't be complicated. As an artist I found Kathy's personal experiences in the arts were particularly useful to me as she totally understood where I'm at and where I want to take things.


I'm currently working with Kathryn Gray on business strategy and ever so grateful for her expertise, clarity + knowledge. If you have a small business + want to get things on track, I would highly recommend taking up her packages.


I was stressing out with grant application and dead lines. I needed help... and I got SO MUCH MORE!!
I'm all set up for next year and the following. What a relief!
ARTISTS : save this link -
https://www.kathryngray.com.au/ Kathryn is the person to go to.


We are local elearning startup. Kathy has provided us with great advice and practical support navigating new and tricky terrain.

Kathy managed to simultaneously become part of the ‘team’, while also providing a valuable outside perspective.

Thanks to her involvement we are now clearer on our strategy and trajectory.

Gabi Gogan

I find working with you truly beautiful. Your expertise with storytelling and in particular storytelling for business is superb. I can feel your love for storytelling and that inspires me.

An absolute privilege meeting you and being coached by you to bring my stories to life.

Kat Luckock

What Kathryn doesn't know about storytelling and how to do it is not worth knowing, she's fantastic, as you will have seen from our joint live a couple of weeks ago. If you want to find out more about how you communicate your authentic self, your brand and use the power of stories to connect with others then please give yourself time to join this webinar. You will not be disapointed.

Alice Bulmer

#shoutout to storytelling whiz Kathryn Gray for a powerful “Scope your story” session this week. Kathryn gave me a lot of new ways to think about my story and how to tell it more effectively for my business in different situations. What I got out of the session was way beyond my expectations. And the biggest, most surprising, most precious bonus is that I have recovered a sense of FUN around telling my story! Thankyou Kathryn!"

Claire Barton

Kathy and I chatted briefly late last year, more in depth this year and then she created the most awesome interview experience and we recorded it a few months ago...
It gave me the opportunity to chat about my why and my business and my tribe and my services and I can now use my 15 minute
video in so many ways and places!
Love your work and your approach!


Before I worked with Kathryn, I was unsure of my next steps with sharing the message. Kathryn made it so easy to share, with her insightful and compelling questions. I found it was so easy to be interviewed by Kathryn. It was a joy to connect. I also love the editing and the marketing materials Kathryn prepared. It was an amazing experience. I have the video on my website and also on my FB page - I am thrilled with the final results. Kathryn was an absolute professional, I highly recommend anyone who wants to get their work out into the online arena with ease and grace, to work with Kathryn. Blessings xx