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Enabling Enterprise offers strategic consulting services for cultural, health and social innovation organisations.

Curious to get started working together?

Let’s begin with a Clear & On Purpose package to help you map out your lean strategic foundations, key priorities and envisioned impact. You get:

  • 60min Clarity Review

  • Opportunity Audit & 60minute strategic review

  • Strategic & Mindset support between sessions

  • Bespoke Workshop - 3 hrs with up to 3 people

  • Actionable reports & tools that are customised to help you take strategic action.


Strategic Consulting Services for purposeful business success

Growing or stepping up to new opportunities?

Without sound strategic planning, navigating business growth can seem like a maze. It’s all too easy to be swept up with divergent opportunities and challenges, dazzling ideas and the daily grind.

Renewing your strategic foundations need not be difficult. It should not end up as a huge unwieldy document, gathering dust somewhere in the background. Planning should enable lively strategic thinking within your team, create real value, and generate a dynamic framework for action.

Seize this opportunity to think big, get clear and on purpose, and inspire action towards your vision.

Customised for your business needs, we integrate traditional planning frameworks with lean strategic thinking and design. You can also harness creative approaches to align entrepreneurial growth and problem-solving with established business models. Find out more about Enabling Enterprise strategic planning here.

Driven to create positive impact?

Making a difference with purposeful business is more important than ever.

Along with good impact, this makes great business sense. We know that purpose and organisational culture are key drivers for attracting and retaining staff, particularly for millennials. There is increasing consumer data demonstrating the rise of purposeful brands - 87% of global consumers expecting that businesses prioritise society’s interests at least as much as financial interests, and 71% are willing to help promote brands with a good cause. This goes above and beyond corporate social responsibility, marketing or team-building efforts. Find out more about why and how your impact is so valuable.

However it can be challenging to effectively plan, measure and communicate the story of your impact. Let’s start with simplicity and strategic alignment, ensuring you gather meaningful data and great stories, to build impact into your business.

Ready to engage your team in bringing your strategy to life?

With clear vision and strategic alignment mapped out across your business, you enable your team to appreciate why, optimise how and to enjoy what you together do.

Engaging the right people throughout the strategic planning - key leaders and managers, staff and stakeholders, customers and community members - is important for effective and meaningful outcomes. We need to translate complexity and uncertainty into simple, achievable and respectful steps.

With a skilled facilitator it becomes much easier to navigate thorny issues, encourage fresh thinking and ideation, and to assumptions and blind spots. We harness collaborative approaches to help build buy-in and unite teams.

We can also harness the power of narrative to inspire your team and stakeholders, spark meaningful connections with audiences, and catalyse investment in what you do. Find out more about the Enabling Enterprise approach to strategic engagement, collaboration and communication.