Spark up your story!

Keen to make the most of your unique story, but feeling shy or unsure about how to shine?

It's time to share your tale and inspire your ideal audience to join you towards your vision.

Starting with a 90min online 1:1 session, I help you with storytelling fundamentals:

  • Reflecting upon your story and its congruence with your WHY
  • Planning out what is purposeful and valuable to share for your ideal audiences
  • Exploring ideal narrative building blocks that align with your goals.

We will catch up again for a 30min creative review session within 2 weeks, to review the story you have crafted and power up for sharing it. I offer email and social media support between sessions, and love to champion your story when it's out there!

You will gain clarity about your storytelling in business, enriching feedback and support, plus tools to help you share your story with confidence, to connect and catalyse.


Great introductory chance to 'spark' my story, but do you offer more in-depth 1:1 help to plan, create and hone stories across my business?

Yes! Check out the Storytelling Intensive, which is designed to support you to develop your own stories about you, your work and the impact you are making, in alignment with your business and content strategy. 

I would be happy to help with additional 'done-for-you' services to produce or co-create content, and will be developing special offers to meet Intensive participants' needs. For instance, you may prefer to outsource your online or live video production, editing, crafting storytelling content for your preferred online platforms! In the meantime, please feel free to let me know what sort of creative production support you may be seeking, and we can develop a quote for the additional service.

Who is this Kathryn Gray anyways?

With Enabling Enterprise, I support creative and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to inspire and grow with business. By building income and impact, I believe that we can create, connect and build the future we envision!

I've worked with storytelling and strategy across the cultural and community industries, with government, education and business. The Storytelling Intensive draws on this work supporting people to plan, create and share their stories, as well as broader expertise with a Master thesis in narrative and having been an artist creating immersive storyscapes. You can find out more about me here :) 

Help! There aren't any available dates that suit me...

If you can't find a suitable date via the schedule tool above, please contact me and let's try find a time to fit!



What is your story?

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