Amplify Your Impact:

Storytelling Intensive

Do you struggle to step into the limelight, share your authentic self, or to tell your stories with confidence? 

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You might be keeping safely invisible, avoiding clear words or the rich immediacy of video to express the heart of your WHY. 

You are not alone!

It's time to inspire your ideal audience to join you towards your vision.

I would love to help you with customised Storytelling Intensive workshops.

Over four practical and creative 1:1 Zoom sessions, I will support you to:

  • Map out purposeful foundations to align your stories and strategy with your *why*

  • Build clarity and confidence in the value of your stories, and how to use narrative to connect, convert and catalyse

  • Get started creating and sharing a sequence of stories that align with your ideal audiences' journeys - about you, your creation or service, and your impact!

  • Integrate your stories with business strategy, and initiate data-driven frameworks for your adaptation and growth.

Bringing together reflective, creative and strategic dimensions of great storytelling, we work to your pace and enrich your ideas flourishing over the four sessions. You gain a customised roadmap and tools to help power up your storytelling to deliver value and achieve outcomes.

The Storytelling Intensive is currently $485 all up. Your package includes:

  • Getting started with a 120min intensive for deep reflection, clarifying your purpose and ideating your stories

  • Two 60min sessions with enriching support, feedback and simple tools for creative and strategic development of your stories

  • Wrapping up with a final 30min session to help you finetune and share your stories!

These online sessions are designed to be held within 6 weeks so that our process remains vibrant and on track. Within this timeframe I offer email and social media support to help you amplify your stories and strategy for growth.

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Sounds great, but I'm wondering if the Storytelling Intensive is for me...

Would you like to start your storytelling with a simple chat about your ideas, reflections or blocks? Line up a time for our conversation, free of charge or obligation.

I look forward to helping you gain clarity around your story and next steps, and we can explore whether the Storytelling Intensive is a good fit for you.

I am keen for you to support me to plan, create and hone my stories - but you help actually producing / filming / writing them, and getting them out there too?

The Storytelling Intensive is designed to support you to develop your own stories, and equip you with tools and confidence for your next storytelling as you and your business evolve. Between sessions you drive the creative development (with worksheets and customised prompts for reflection and planning, brainstorming, writing, making videos, sourcing rich content), and together we review and fine-tune materials together when we meet. 

I would be happy to help with additional 'done-for-you' services to produce or co-create content, and have special offers to meet Intensive participants' needs. For instance, you may prefer to outsource your online or live video production, editing, crafting storytelling content for your preferred online platforms! In the meantime, please feel free to let me know what sort of creative production support you may be seeking, and we can develop a quote for the additional service.

I just participated in the free Storytelling Webinar - why should I take this next step?

Congratulations - you now have awesome strategic foundations to reflect, plan, create and share your story! The webinar has been designed to give you the confidence and skills to create stories with authenticity and real value for your ideal audience. If DIY is your thing then go for it - and keep me posted with all the inspiring stories so I can cheer you along!

However this Intensive is for you if:

  • you are ready to uplevel with YOUR story - to inspire the right people about your WHY, your creations or services, and to amplify your impact

  • you seek customised support for the deep reflective, strategic or creative processes involved in making the most of your storytelling

  • you are poised to integrate storytelling within supportive strategy and structure, to play big with sound foundations of planning and review, while nourishing your creativity and passion for what you do. 

What if I didn't participate in the free Storytelling Webinar? 

No worries - I can support you with these foundations to reflect, plan, create and share your story, and to integrate this within your own strategic roadmap.

Who is this Kathryn Gray anyways?

With Enabling Enterprise, I support creative and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to inspire and grow with business. By building income and impact, I believe that we can create, connect and build the future we envision!

I've worked with storytelling and strategy across the cultural and community industries, with government, education and business. Over years of making interviews and marketing content, I've always loved asking all the juicy questions and helping folks to shine with their stories. As someone who has long avoided the spotlight myself, I have also applied all my learnings and tools to step up with my own story!

The Storytelling Intensive draws on this work supporting people to plan, create and share their stories, as well as my broader expertise with a Master thesis in narrative and having been an artist creating immersive storyscapes. You can find out more about me here :) 

Why should this all take place within 6 weeks?

I've found an intensive approach is beneficial to dive deep with reflection, creativity and strategising towards your vision. The workshops are designed to flexibly support your unique processes and stories, to inspire and fire you up for sharing your story.

Six weeks is a good timeframe to maintain the vibrancy of creative development and flow, with strategic relevance to your life and biz. It can be possible to extend the timeframe if need be, however there is a risk of losing momentum, confidence or some timeliness with your storytelling.

Help! There aren't any available dates that suit me...

If you can't find a suitable date via the schedule tool above, please contact me and let's try find a time to fit!

My storytelling is going great now, but the strategy is all over the shop...

Check out other ways we can work together to map out and activate your strategy, or consider other customised services to help you to create, connect and thrive :)

September Storytelling Special!

Book your Storytelling Intensive before 30 September to receive a free Amp Up Your Story session! This bonus, valued at $95, gets you an additional 1:1 review + bespoke checklist focusing on your current story draft or content.

What people are saying...

Gabi Gogan - Life Coach & Consultant

I find working with you truly beautiful. Your expertise with storytelling and in particular storytelling for business is superb. I can feel your love for storytelling and that inspires me.

An absolute privilege meeting you and being coached by you to bring my stories to life.


I started to work with Kathryn because she seemed very thorough and knowledgeable about getting across stories. When working with her I appreciated her coaching skills that made it possible for me to understand what stories were important to share for my business. Also, she really cared and I felt comfortable working with her and getting clear about my own vulnerabilities that I encountered while starting to share my stories. And even though I haven’t wrapped up all of my stories yet, I have so many stories to choose from! I will embed them in my business at the right time.

This has been a real enriching and helpful experience for me and I wouldn’t doubt for a second to work with her again.

Kat Luckock - Share Impact

What Kathryn doesn't know about storytelling and how to do it is not worth knowing, she's fantastic, as you will have seen from our joint live a couple of weeks ago. If you want to find out more about how you communicate your authentic self, your brand and use the power of stories to connect with others then please give yourself time to join this webinar. You will not be disapointed.