Let's work together...


Strategy 101

Do you have miles of ideas but limited resources? Need to prioritise next steps amidst all the busyness in your business? Let's begin with this simple workshop to clarify your vision and start mapping out strategic elements of your biz.  

This 60min online session is $110 - a great springboard for you getting started with creating or renewing your strategy. And if you want support, tools and accountability over time, you can dive into these next packages...

Strategy Mapping

Seeking strategy that aligns with your vision and purpose, with support and accountability as you action your plans? Over three online sessions, I support you to get to the heart of your *why*, map out your strategy, and fine-tune your plans in motion.

The three 60min Strategy Mapping sessions cost $295 - find out more...

Inspire & Grow - Strategy in action

Ready for longer-term strategy and planning support, to help fire up your new business and maintain alignment and resilience? Let’s join forces over 3 months or more, so you benefit from ongoing mentorship, feedback and accountability with building your business.

The introductory price is $400 for the quarterly package, or $140 for monthly payment (min 3 months) - find out more...



Scope Your Story

Is your story drafted or gathering dust, or all to waffly or wary to capture our imagination and emotional investment in what you do?

Send me your story link or draft for a Storytelling Checkup + a 1:1 review to unpack feedback and explore opportunities to share your story creatively, strategically & with confidence. The introductory price for Scope Your Story is $75 - find out more...

Storytelling Intensive

If you are creative, purpose-driven, and passionate about what you do and the impact you strive to make, it's time to inspire your ideal audience to join you towards your vision! Let's weave powerful authentic stories within your business strategy, working together for 3 creative development & review workshops within 6 weeks. Find out more...

Co-create your story

Would you like an online collaborator to shoot your biz video? Are you clear about what you want your peeps to notice, think, feel and do? Let's co-create an interview or marketing video for your website and social media. I can work with you over Zoom to plan, shoot and edit snappy videos and graphic content. Find out more...

Customised services

Market your impact 

How do you convey the *why* of your business and the *value* you offer? Do you have a doable plan for tracking and sharing the impact you are creating? Are you overwhelmed navigating #allthethings possible with marketing and social media, and seeking the easiest free or inexpensive solutions that fit your biz? Get in touch to discuss your vision and how we can make it happen.

Proposals and reporting

What inspiring awesomeness are you dreaming up?  I can help you map out your project, write your proposal or pitch, apply for grants or other opportunities, and report on your achievements. I've written and reviewed many proposals across diverse fields, and am grateful to have been successful with some great things in my time, so I can support you in this process. Check out my guide to creating compelling proposals, and contact me with your ideas and queries!


To enquire about these customised enabling or 'done-for-you' services, or if you have any other questions, please contact me here.