Scope Your Story

Do you have a story drafted for your business, or gathering dust in a quiet corner of the internet?

Maybe you're forever splicing something storylike together when invited to introduce yourself, but wish you had more creative bandwidth to weave your tale... 

Want to make the most of this story to inspire ideal clients towards your vision, but not sure where to start?

Perhaps you are wary or waffly in the spotlight. Unsure about sharing your authentic journey, and how to capture our imagination and emotional investment with what you do. I get it, and would love to help Scope Your Story.

Send me the link to your draft or published story, and I will support you with:

  • Storytelling Checkup to help you hone the purpose, planning, practice & experience of your story

  • 30min 1:1 review via Zoom to unpack this feedback, & explore opportunities to share your story creatively, strategically & with confidence.

Testimonial - Alice Bulmer

"#shoutout to storytelling whiz Kathryn Gray for a powerful “Scope your story” session this week. Kathryn gave me a lot of new ways to think about my story and how to tell it more effectively for my business in different situations. What I got out of the session was way beyond my expectations. And the biggest, most surprising, most precious bonus is that I have recovered a sense of FUN around telling my story!"

Testimonial - Dee Cooper-Wells

“I had a "scope your story" session with Kathryn last week. I had absolutely no idea where to start with my story and didn't think I could come up with anything worthwhile. When sitting chatting openly with Kathryn there was in fact a great deal of 'story' I had within me. We all have stories, but without the expertise of Kathryn and the gentle, caring way she draws it out of you, I'd still be floundering trying to work out where to start.
Kathryn gives you that boost of confidence through her professional approach.
Story writing just got easier with Kathryn's hints, tips and insights.
Thank you lovely lady for the magic you bring to what it is you do with flair. You bring out the sparkle and draw out the glory.
Don't wait to start working on your story, have a session with Kathryn today - it's the best thing I've done all year!”

This new Scope Your Story special is available at the introductory price of $75.

To follow up on your Scope Your Story session and gain extra feedback as you polish your tale for the telling, you can book a special follow-up 30min session within 2 weeks for only $50 (save $25)!

Book your time and share your story to unpack with me soon!


What kind of story should I start with?

You can send me your blog post, draft copy, a link to your video or other audio / visual content, or even cut and paste some ideas or storyboard together! If you have some ideas or queries to consider, please feel free to email and ask. I aim to support you to create rich narrative experiences across a range of textual, visual and experiential elements.

You can find out more about my approach to making the most of your story in business here.  I embrace the power of storytelling to inspire, connect and catalyse action in line with your vision. The breadth of my approach draws on my background in visual arts, video and interview making, marketing and communications, as an avid writer and reader, as well as with business strategy within organisations and with entrepreneurs.

Who is this Kathryn Gray anyways?

With Enabling Enterprise, I support creative and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to inspire and grow with business. By building income and impact, I believe that we can create, connect and build the future we envision!

I've worked with storytelling and strategy across the cultural and community industries, with government, education and business. The Storytelling Intensive draws on this work supporting people to plan, create and share their stories, as well as broader expertise with a Master thesis in narrative and having been an artist creating immersive storyscapes. You can find out more about me here :) 

I am taking part in your free Storytelling Challenge - why should I scope my story?

Congratulations - you are gaining awesome strategic foundations and a supportive space to reflect, plan, create and share your story! This free Challenge has been designed to give you the confidence and skills to create stories with authenticity and real value for your ideal audience. If DIY is your thing then go for it - and keep me posted with all the inspiring stories so I can cheer you along!

However if customised feedback and 1:1 review is just what you seek right now to launch you story with confidence, this new Scope Your Story is for you!  

If you seek to dive deeper with your reflection and creative development, to amplify your impact, and are poised to integrate storytelling within supportive strategy and structure, check out the Storytelling Intensive.

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