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Here is a growing collection of resources and tools to help you creative change-makers with business, strategy, marketing, and insights from leaders in the field.

I'm looking forward to expanding these resources for social and creative entrepreneurs as Enabling Enterprise grows. If you have ideas or questions that I can address here through new resources please be in touch!


6 steps to help you create a great proposal for your next big thing

Have you got your sights on an awesome opportunity? Or do you have a brilliant project in mind, but need to apply for funding or other support to make it happen?

These 6 steps are designed to help you scope out new opportunities, to prepare and gather support for your proposal, make it absolutely compelling, and get it in on time and on spec. And some advice about what to do next...

I have crafted lots of proposals in my time, am grateful to have been successful for a few of them! I've also worked to help people create great grant applications, to design and manage funding programs, and given lots of feedback along the way. 

You can start with these 6 steps, and of course I'm happy to help you with grant writing and strategy services with Enabling Enterprise.

I'd love to help you to create excellent proposals to realise your vision. 


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5 things for artists and creatives to balance in business

Are you just setting out in your creative business, or seeking to rebalance what you do with building your audience and income?

This video is designed for artists and creatives who are starting out, but I believe these elements are important to balance at whatever stage of the creative and business journey we are at.

Let's chat about what you are creating, your people, your strategy, how to create and embrace opportunities, and about you...

STay tuned for more here for more resources to help you inspire & Grow in business!