Inspire & Grow Toolkit

The Onion Method

The Onion Method diagram

This is a super simple way to foster positive rituals and mindset development. I thank my wonderful partner for this tool for keeping calm, connected and on the right path.

As Michael says, “It’s a different tool from noticing how your feeling. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s cutting through with clarity so at the end of the application of the tool, feelings and emotions can assume their correct position in our psychological space.”

Designed as a practical way to cut through overwhelm, the whole process should take no more than 15 minutes (not half your day). When first starting out for the day or gearing up for the next thing, especially if you are feeling unclear or counterproductive, return to the centre of the onion:

  • At the core - stop. Reconnect with this time, now.

  • Attend to your body and energy. Straighten your posture and breathe deeply 3-6 times.

  • Nourish your self - do those simple things that empower you now. Get tidy and freshen up, open up the windows or blinds for good air and light. Give yourself the simple wholesome things you need - water, a shower, a stroll or a nap - that can make a huge difference to your mindset and productivity!

  • Next layers out, clear your immediate surrounds. Quickly and without fuss, declutter your desk and desktop, and jot down those ideas and tasks that demand a long time. Do you enjoy fresh flowers or music to set ideal ambience? Are you distracted by others, status updates and new emails zinging into earshot? Create an ideal space for your flow state.

    This doesn’t mean diving into the laundry as an procrastination ploy, or that you need to have the perfect Instaworthy workspace, but I encourage you to take a little time to make your space hum with order and harmony.

  • Swiftly prioritise. Reaffirm your goals, refine 3-5 targets for your day, set your intentions. Get ready to eat that frog, or whatever choice you choose.

  • Now at the surface level, with clarity and connection to your core , do your thing with integrity and aplomb! Enjoy inspired action and your wins and learnings. Return to Step 1 as you need.