Narrative Hooks

Here are some simple tips to help you capture attention, sustain your ideal audience's engagement, and encourage their emotional investment in your story...

You don't need to use all of these, but they may prompt some creative ideas for irresistible hooks you can try out with this story, or for future!


Why BW.jpg

How will you dive into your story, seize attention, and stop the scroll?

Get personal...

What unique youness can you share within this story, that your ideal audience can identify and connect with?

Higher cause

What issues, morals or bigger impact are you addressing here, that appeal to your ideal audience?


Are there people, places, culture and history that you share with your ideal audience?


What symbols and cultural frameworks might you weave into your story, that resonate with your why and your ideal audience?

Nostalgia pop!

Are there popular culture icons or memes that you can draw on to amplify and entertain with your story?


What is unique, exciting, compelling about you and what you do?