Thanks, it's great to be co-creating a bespoke video interview with you and your inspiring business!

We have had an initial discussion about your goals to help prepare for this interview. Together we considered what you seek for your ideal clients and/or audiences to:

  • Notice about you - what non-verbal messages and branding do you want to convey? Eg. background, atmosphere, interview structure, imagery. What other details are significant to you?

  • Think - what core messages are essential to share with this interview? Eg. what are the outcomes and benefits you offer your ideal clients, what evidence are they interested to find out from you, what is it like to work with you?

  • Feel - how do you create connection and inspire your ideal clients and/or audiences? Eg. your story, hooks, charisma.

  • Do - what is the call to action? Eg. do you want your ideal clients and/or audiences to participate in your program, to meet with you, to gain awareness and share your video, to invest their $ or time? Please share details and any relevant links for this CTA.

I have sent you an email with some suggestions for for questions and to help us book the best time for your interview.

Preparing for your interview:

Set up 

  • Backdrop - please arrange your setting to align with your intentions for the interview and with your brand. Avoid white walls which reflect light, or striped or fine patterns that may cause optical effects on screen. We can have a quick check of this before we start the interview (but it’s not feasible to make corrections in post).

  • Lighting - daylight on your face is best! Ideally the day / source is not too sunny as these lighting conditions may change. Don’t worry about fancy lights unless you have them or are unable to access sunlight in front of you. Please avoid light sources behind you (backlighting) as these make you appear as a silhouette.

  • Eyeline - please elevate your computer or webcam to line up with your eyeline. If you are not familiar with where to look when making videos, please do a few test recordings looking a few centimeters below the video lens. This way you can find the right spot to look and connect with your viewers (not looking up or down your nose, off into the distance or down at your own eyes). It’s great to practise this and imagine you are speaking to one of your ideal clients in real life!

  • Audio - please check your laptop or microphone quality. To improve audio quality you can use a lapel mic or DIY by clipping your smartphone earbuds to your chest, out of sight. HOWEVER with these options, you may need to adjust audio output settings or use an additional device to hear my questions (such as bluetooth earbuds, a splitter, or another dedicated accessory for your lapel mic)! Please ensure to test your mic and speakers function within Zoom with adequate sound quality. It's also wise to avoid wearing noisy clothes or accessories. We will do a quick test run of audio, but ideally will not need to troubleshoot before or during the interview!

  • Tech - we will run the interview by Zoom (https://zoom.us/j/4797689149 Meeting ID: 479 768 9149). This means there is a possibility that our internet speeds and other tech gremlins affect the interview. Please check your video and audio settings before we meet, and nominate a Plan B time in case we are not able to record as planned.

  • Need help? Please let me know if you have any queries or suggestions here, before we meet. You can also find a great video walking through setting up your video thanks to  business video coach, Tori Crewes.


  • Message - if you feel nervous about sharing your message and your story on video, please do write it all down and practise saying it on camera (reading it first if you need, and eventually without reading!). You can watch this back, see what resonates or where you fumble over saying your messages, and it will definitely get easier, more dynamic and compelling! I invite you to share this writing and/or video with me, as we prepare for the interview.

  • Clothing, hair and make-up - please feel free to spruce up and be ‘camera ready’ as you feel comfortable! However it will be a well-lit Zoom video interview and won’t be in forensic detail, so don’t worry too much about styling professionally (unless you love being pampered - don’t we all!). Please avoid striped or finely patterned clothing, as this may cause optical effects on screen.

  • Note - Glasses can reflect lighting, so please test your angles and lights to avoid this if possible.

Your brief

please let me know whether you are happy with the following or have other ideas for co-creating video and marketing materials:

  • Interview structure - KG introduction > 4-6 questions (+ possibly some additional impromptu ones) > wrap up and thank you > camera rolls on for ~5min informal discussion for ‘b-roll’ footage. Aiming for maximum 20min to edit down to 10min final video.
  • Post-production - KG will edit footage down to 1 interview, which will be small size for sharing on social and website, and hosting on Youtube or Vimeo. I will keep edits to minimum, to remove most ums and waffle (but keeping some for natural feel), and potentially to rearrange interview structure for most impact. Please specify whether you want this to be crafted as a 'traditional' interview (where I introduce you and appear for questions) or another standalone format (eg. with you introducing yourself, me edited out, and perhaps some titles to introduce key topics etc).

  • Marketing materials includes: a Canva-designed opening title for your video. Pithy sound-bites - I can draw out some quotes as text for your use. Up to 3 Canva-designed stills for you to use on social - eg. a great pic of you in interview, designed with one of your fab quotes and your branding. Please provide your platform requirements (eg. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, website), branding details and/or Canva template, plus CTA info and links. If you have other creative ideas (eg. short video clips, audio) let me know and I can quote you on producing these.


Once we have confirmed the final materials, please post widely and update or tag me - I’m looking forward to seeing your interviews out there in the wild!

I care about making sure we both know where we stand, so outline here basic Terms for my services. If you have any queries about please let me know. 

Terms and conditions

  • Disclaimer for agreed services

    • MY RESPONSIBILITY - These services are developed through negotiation with you to best meet your goals for this interview. I will take all care to deliver agreed outcomes within a mutually-beneficial timeline. My services draw on current Master of Business Administration studies at Deakin University; a career as a video artist with a Master of Visual Arts attained at Sydney University; extensive experience in the cultural industries, government and non-profit agencies, and with education and community organisations; and as a solopreneur committed to ongoing engagement and up-skilling across contemporary marketing and business practices.

    • YOUR RESPONSIBILITY - you should always use your own judgement regarding the relevance of information provided, and rely on your own priorities, knowledge and research. Should you wish to consider any changes to services, outcomes or timelines, you should notify me in writing as soon as possible so we can negotiate potential scope variations.

  • Intellectual property 

    • You will have intellectual property for the final interview and marketing content, however I reserve the right to share this content with my Enabling Enterprise website and social media with full acknowledgement of you and your business.

    • The ‘Enabling Enterprise’ branded materials and resources that I provide to you are protected by copyright. They are for your personal use only and may not be copied or shared in any way without my written consent.

  • Consumer Guarantees 

    • MINOR PROBLEMS - I will solve minor problems within a reasonable timeframe, including short term technical difficulties or personal disruptions that delay our meetings or follow-up. I will offer solutions to such minor problems free-of-charge, for instance rescheduling or delivering a reasonable replacement service.

    • MAJOR PROBLEM - please contact me if you think there is a major problem with my services that cannot be fixed or are too difficult to fix. I will request you email me about the issue, and seek to arrange a meeting to discuss concerns and potential solutions.

  • Limitation of Liability

    • You agree to indemnify me for any damage or loss that might occur while we are working together. If you have any doubts at all about any issue that might arise, you agree that you will conduct your own research and make your own fully informed decision about what is best for you. In no event shall I be liable to you for costs, loss or damage of any kind arising out of or related to the Bespoke Video Interview services outlined here. If this clause is unenforceable for any reason, my total cumulative liability for all causes of action of any kind shall not exceed the total amount you have paid me for my services.

  • Jurisdiction & Dispute Resolution

    • My business is located in NSW. My services are offered in compliance with the governing law of NSW and Australian Consumer Law. If you have any issue or complaint arising out of your use of my services or these terms, we agree to make a genuine effort to resolve the dispute through negotiation and discussion.

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Please note that this is a pilot service, so I will refine and add details with your questions and feedback here.

I am excited about developing the Bespoke Video Interview services to best serve you, your business vision and your ideal clients and audiences.