Are you hatching something extraordinary, and seeking bespoke support to make it happen?

Here are a few ways I would love to help you inspire and grow. Get started by contacting me for a free 20minute chat about your ideas or the challenges you are facing.

Make things happen


What inspiring awesomeness are you dreaming up?  I can help you map out your project, write your proposal or pitch, apply for grants or other opportunities, and report on your achievements.

I've written and reviewed many proposals across diverse fields. I’m grateful to have been successful with some great things in my time, so want to share my experience to support you with this process. Check out my guide to creating compelling proposals – feel free to get in touch if there’s a grant or other opportunity you’d like to discuss!

VIDEO & Interview

Let's co-create your story.

Video is one of the most powerful mediums to build connections online, and provides you great opportunities to influence how your audience think, feel and even act.

Would you like an online collaborator to plan and produce your videos for you?

Let your business stand out for all the right reasons with beautiful professional videos. I can work with you over Zoom to plan, shoot and edit brilliant videos and graphics that will let you share your story with the world. Find out more...

Testimonial - Toby Mills & Ralph Spethmann, Ziran Qigong Learning Academy

We are local elearning startup. Kathy has provided us with great advice and practical support navigating new and tricky terrain.
Kathy managed to simultaneously become part of the ‘team’, while also providing a valuable outside perspective. 
Thanks to her involvement we are now clearer on our strategy and trajectory.