Reflect & Grow

Are you feeling all too swept up with all your ideas and busyness, and yet to get clear on your renewed strategy? Lost amidst lots of goals, intentions, planners, post-it notes and procrastiplanning? 

It's a powerful time to step up your business with renewed strategy, purpose and discernment for 2018. Especially for entrepreneurs who are driven to inspire and co-create positive change! I get it and am so with you...

This is a supportive workshop to reflect on your year's achievements and learnings, develop data-driven frameworks to adapt and grow, and to reconnect with your *why* and vision for business moving into 2018! 

With this 60min online session, I look forward to help you create new clarity about the path you have traveled and your vision for next steps...

What better time than now to power up and renewing your 2018 business strategy!



I'm currently working with Kathryn Gray on business strategy and ever so grateful for her expertise, clarity + knowledge. If you have a small business + want to get things on track, I would highly recommend taking up her packages.


I was stressing out with grant application and dead lines. I needed help... and I got SO MUCH MORE!! 
I'm all set up for next year and the following. What a relief!
ARTISTS : save this link - Kathryn is the person to go to.