Kathryn Gray & enterprise enabling

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I'm here to support you inspiring creative and social entrepreneurs to build your income and impact. My vision is to enable you to create, connect and thrive, now and towards our shared future.

My background

Enabling and collaborating have long been significant drivers for my work. With 15+ years in the cultural industries, I understand the importance of strategy and sustainability, so that business, creativity and community together flourish. I have been responsible for dynamic and engaging marketing and communications, technical problem-solving and action-based learning, and scoping and achieving projects. I know the passion, principles and accountability that underpin non-profit organisations, and bridge these values with lean methodologies and value-creating strategies of entrepreneurial business.

Valuing innovation and social enrichment across disciplines and networks, I've worked with STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) teacher education, with arts and intercultural initiatives. There are so many wildly creative and useful things we can do with new technologies and social platforms, which I'm forever keen to explore and to share with you.

I appreciate the immense value and challenges of creativity and culture. From earliest sketches and backyard performances, I've worked to expand skills and networks as an artist, curator and producer of cultural events. With a Masters of Visual Arts at Sydney University and a year of post-conceptual art studies in Vienna, I am well engaged with cultural practice, theories and networks. I have built a rewarding career working with arts administration, funding and governance across Australia.

To date I've been privileged to work with inspiring entrepreneurs as well as government agencies, non-profit organisations, Indigenous enterprise, and universities. Along with this mix, I bring current MBA studies as well as ever-expanding digital marketing and productivity tools.

my location

Currently I’m living and working near Byron Bay, Australia, with our little family. The vibrancy and resilience of our regional communities are invaluable, as is our broader connectivity around the globe. 

I respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Bundjalung Nation, and we are so grateful to be here. 

Please do holler if you are in the neighbourhood and keen to meet. Otherwise remote meetings are easy via videoconferencing and collaboration tools. You can simply schedule a free initial discovery session or get in touch.

Looking forward to connecting with you and the inspiring things you do!




Kathryn Gray