Kathryn Gray

Enabling enterprise


You created your business to make a difference in the world.

Let's work together to help you succeed. 

My name is Kathryn Gray, and I help entrepreneurs with purpose-driven businesses to inspire and grow.

With strategy and storytelling, I'm here to support you to build income and impact.


You may ask,

What's purpose-driven business?


It’s about doing something positive

– be it changing the world or changing someone’s day -

along with making a profit.


WHY? You can find out more about my purpose here...

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Ready to inspire & grow with your business?

I help clients build meaningful, income-generating businesses by bringing strategy and structure when things felt like chaos.

Once strategy is firing, I introduce the right productivity tools, social platforms and processes to make life easy.

And with the power of storytelling - reaching out through the written word, visual experiences and the vibrant energy of video - you can find your voice and share your story confidently with the world.

Because when you want to reach out to your audiences and customers, you need to share a little of yourself, too. With authenticity, strategy and storytelling flair, you can create the kind of memorable connections that build your business and empower those who need you most.

I’d love to help you build a business that supports you (financially, emotionally, mentally, physically), so you can inspire and grow the impact you envision. Find out more about how we can work together, and get in touch for a free chat about your ideas and queries!