Kathryn Gray

Kathryn Gray

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Inspiring and creating change with business.

You create, innovate and make good great. Your contribution to our society, culture and future is invaluable, but are you ready to grow your business and your impact?

Do you have lots of big ideas but need help to focus, prioritise and overcome overwhelm? Are you forever chasing the means to realise your vision? Do the right people appreciate what you do, and are they compelled by your purpose and strategy?

I bring together entrepreneurial skillsets with a wealth of cultural and community experience.  I understand the passion and challenges faced by change-makers, artists and creative producers. We see amazing value created in non-profit settings and through business with purpose, but too often without enough time or resources. Let's work together to help you thrive!

Sound strategy and planning will help you clarify your vision and take steps to achieve your goals. Great tools and support will help you in startup, in building your resilience, and in simplifying and amplifying what you do. I strive to support you to build your business income and impact, and to step up in creating our future.


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Discovery call - let's chat to explore your ideas and challenges, and how we may be able to work together (free initial 20 min).

 Kathryn Gray


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Let's work together to build your income and impact!

  • Discovery call
  • Strategic workshops
  • Storytelling Intensive
  • Marketing & co-creation services
  • Customised services for creative productions, writing proposals and reports, streamlining your processes & evaluating your achievements.

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